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Commercial Property Management – It’s More Than You Think

When a commercial investment property is managed poorly, it will feel as if you are being robbed — because you are! You can be…

  • Robbed by financial losses and poor cash flow.
  • Robbed by the reduction of your property’s long-term value.
  • Robbed of your time and money as you get drawn into fixing unexpected problems.
  • Robbed of excellent tenants who move to a new location because they are unhappy with the owner-manager relationship.
  • Robbed of peace of mind and plagued with stress and anxiety about your property’s performance.

There is so much to lose when a property is not managed competently and professionally! There is so much at stake, and the management challenges are much more complex than most people realize.

For you and your investors’ peace of mind, you need to be sure that all the details involved in commercial real estate ownership are handled competently and professionally. When they are, you can count on these results:

  • Effective leasing strategy.
  • Intelligent construction management.
  • Strong, enduring tenant relationships.
  • Accurate financial budgeting and reporting.
  • Worry-free property maintenance.
  • Predictable financial returns and reliable cash flow.

BUT — what happens if a property is not competently and professionally managed?

This is Where Keen Realty Group Can Help

You should not have to stress over whether the details are being handled properly. You should not have to worry about unknown situations creating chaotic, operational nightmares for you to unravel.

You should not have to fear being taken advantage of because of what you do not know. You, as a commercial real estate owner, should be able to rely on experts to successfully navigate all the issues from construction, to maintenance, to building repair, to tenant relationship management, in a competent and professional manner.

We Are Your Operating Partner

We are keenly aware of the struggles involved. We live it every day managing over 2 million square feet of commercial property, including our own investments.

  • We show the space to prospective tenants.
  • We handle new tenant leases and renew existing ones.
  • We oversee any construction required.
  • We take the calls in the middle of the night when emergencies strike.
  • We collect the rent.
  • We pay the bills.
  • We identify the problems and we find solutions.
  • We address the issues on your behalf that you may not even know needed to be addressed.
  • With over 150 years of cumulative experience, the depth of our knowledge in commercial real estate management is invaluable.

But don’t take our word for it. Our multiple testimonials and letters of recommendations speak to our ability to care for your investment like it’s our own.

It’s true…In Commercial Real Estate, Expertise Matters.

You’ve invested so much time and effort identifying and analyzing investment opportunities. You’ve poured over documents, striving to eliminate ownership surprises. And you’ve raised the equity and secured the right loan for the acquisition.

But completing the acquisition is not the end game — a successful and profitable investment is!

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The Keen Brand Promise

At Keen Realty, we deliver competent and professional property management services for commercial real estate owners. Our clients rely on us for peace of mind as we manage the details and complexities of each property with expertise and care.