I is for Insurance

October 31, 2022

I is for Insurance

“I” is for Insurance…

Three points important to think about here. One. In the Commercial Real Estate Property Management business Property & Casualty Insurance is a big deal and typically a significant expense so minimizing that expense can be valuable.. Two. We have been doing this for a long time and bring knowledge to an investor looking for what kind of insurance to buy and how much.  And lastly three. Going to the market each year also takes time.

For large institutional investors they can leverage their portfolio to get better rates and/or terms.  For many individual investors, they may own just a few or even just one property.  Thus when they go to market to purchase property insurance they do not bring a significant amount of leverage and arguably may not be able to obtain as favorable rates and terms.  Given KEEN can combine our own portfolio and properties from numerous investors into a larger purchasing group, we do go to the Insurance market with more leverage than an individual property may garner.

When you go to the market year after year you learn things over time.  You know better questions to ask each time.  You learn more about what to do, not to do and how to do it.

And going to the market is time consuming.  We are more easily able to justify that investment of time because we represent a portfolio of buildings making the investment of time more affordable

This is another great example where “Full Service Professional Property Management” providing benefits well beyond “just” property management.

(Note – Consider using an aerial photo of a flooded commercial building.)

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