T is for Talent Vetting & Procurement

October 31, 2022

T is for Talent Vetting & Procurement

The A-Z of Property Management

T is for…

T is for Talent Vetting & Procurement for Mangers, Engineers, Concierges, & Porters.  T could have as easily stood for Team, because for any Professional Property Management firm to truly preform well, it needs good people.  This literally is a full-time job, especially in a growing firm like ours.

As a service business, our industry is dependent upon the organization hiring good quality employees. The Commercial Real Estate Professional Property Management business is dependent upon not only great front line property managers, maintenance engineers, Concierges and Porters but also the accounting personnel who generates those monthly reports and the countless other people behind the scenes who manage the details that go into managing a building for optimum performance and economic results.

Finding, vetting, hiring, training, and managing great people is both an art and a science.  If a company is good at it or not will show up on-site at the properties.  As an investor/owner of commercial real estate investments, look for the people who can answer your questions about this important aspect of professional property management.

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