W is for Wayfinding Systems

October 31, 2022

W is for Wayfinding Systems

The A-Z of Property Management

W is for…

W is for Way Finding Systems & Graphics. A well designed Way Finding System is required to meet certain code requirements, effectively communicates on-site directional messaging that simply helps people get to where they are needing to go while also reinforcing the property’s branding.

A good Way Finding System may begin even before people get to your property.  If your property provides needed services such food, shelter, event parking, gas, an attraction such as a museum or other special use, you may qualify for municipal sponsored signage on the highway or major artery.

Once onsite, it may be appropriate to have large directional signage such as PARKING> to direct the public to your garage or FOOD COURT to direct people to a cluster of your restaurants.  A major tenant may be given unique building signage atop the building or garage.

Typical signage for basic location identification signage in a garage with floor number and unique color per floor, is especially important if you have much public and first-time users in your garage.

Life Safety and ADA are of course important and heavily influenced by code requirements thus extra important to keep on top of both repair/replace broken or missing signage and new code requirements

Restrooms, Suite numbers and other basic building room signage. Tenant names

Retail center signage has a life of its own.  With large or national retailers having detailed complex style, color and size graphics and logos, demands as a requirement to lease in your project.  Maintaining consistent property parameters is important in maintaining a quality look.

Something fun…Directional signage can also be used as a type of art, decoration or to add whimsical feel by including a pole with directional arrows and milage to far off places or things like: Hawaii, Paris, Disneyland, The Penguins, Mt Kilimanjaro, and the Moon.

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