K is for Keys

October 31, 2022

K is for Keys

The A-Z of Property Management

K is for…

K is for Keys, Locks, Access Cards, Alarm Call Receiving, Security Vetting & Hiring. Although most investor/owners and property managers realize that Keys & locks are a required part of any property management program, many understand the nuances of a truly professional comprehensive Key & Lock plan.

Consider how different people need access to certain areas of the building but not other areas using different key technologies.

Traditional Locks Key Hierarchy

  • A leasing agent needs access to all the vacant spaces but not to all existing tenants’ spaces.
  • An electrician needs access to the electrical riser closet on all floors but nowhere else.
  • The after-hours janitorial crew needs access to all lease spaces on their assigned floor or floors.
  • The contractor building out a new tenant’s space, needs access to that one lease space, and both the mechanical room and electrical closet that serve it.
  • This says you should have a Vacant Space Master, All Lease Space Master, Mechanical Master, Electrical Master, Floor Master, Grand Master, etc.
  • Number and Location of Lock Box for Fire Department
  • How do you respond to lost keys?

Electronic Locks, Access Cards

  • Easy to reprogram, Electronic Locks help avoid the problem of lost keys
  • In the event of a loss of power, do your electronic locks Fail Safe, or Fail Open?

Mechanical Push Button Locks

  • In the event of a fire, how does one gain access to or through that space

Security Alarm Calls

  • Who monitors your calls in the middle of the night or on holidays?

Onsite Security Personnel

  • Do you want/need onsite vs drive by on call service
  • Do you select armed or unarmed security personnel
  • Do you select off duty Police or Guard service personnel
  • Evaluating Security vs Information Appearance Needs
  • Who interviews the applicants for your onsite personnel
  • Police/Security Officer Uniform vs Navy Blazer Information Officer look

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